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'AKSHARAKIDZ’ provides programs for children above 1.8years and below 3.5years. The daily routine is full of play and activities facilitating “learning by doing". Children normally get delight in touch experience. Scientific research has proved that the first six years are most formative in the development of child’s brain capacities. No wonder, Pre-school activities form an integral part of a child’s education today.


Various activities like songs, dance, storey telling, field trip, group activities, water play, sand play, keep the children continuously engaged. The overall delight makes the child feel that the place is a ‘home away from home’. Enabling the child to gain self confidence with capacities to imagine and create is our goal. Interesting and pleasurable activities promote language skills as well as fine motor skills.


The ‘child friendly’ and ‘age appropriate’ non toxic toys are a source of joy for all children. Safety and hygiene are very much assured. The love, care, and affection teachers show on child enable them to grow with individual and unique identity. The environment is well suited for the overall development of child. It introduces child to the fundamental learning through the use of medium that is recreational in nature.


In ‘AKSHARAKIDZ’ the curriculum and methods are well designed to promote all round growth of physical, intellectual, emotional, social, linguistic and logical skills so that the children are very ready for next stages of school education.


Children in the age group of 1.8years to2.5years are admitted in this program. Rich sensory experience along with tender motherly care contribute very much to the child’s emergence as individual.


kids in the age group of 2.5 to3.5years are admitted in this program. Empowering them with essential skills like physical, etc is our goal. Art exercise will help them to obtain these essential skills and there by their self esteem.

About us

Akshara School is a unit providing overall quality services in primary education and learning including publication, animation and educational aids for kids. Professionally managed by a team of energetic and self motivated professionals having clear vision .Their strong belief is the fueling force behind the success.

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Dr. Howard Gardner Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Montessori, and Steiner, Play-way method, Flexible- To suit the learning style, pace development and Strength are our methodology.By this way we are able to pay a good attention to each and every child in our playschool.

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Parenting Tips

Motivate with positive reinforcement, help them set realistic goals and have attainable expectations from them.

Never tell your Child that he/she is bad. That impacts their self-esteem.


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